Tiny Tetris (Adafruit Ver.)

Sep 2014

After I finished the Tiny Tetris, I went on Adafruit's weekly Show-and-Tell to share the project with Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone. They both liked it so much that they asked me if I could make another version using components from the Adafruit store and write a tutorial for the Adafruit Learning System so that people can make their own at home. I gladly accepted their request.

Over the following two weeks, I selected components and modules from the Adafruit store that are functionally equivalent to the circuits on the Tiny Tetris PCB, designed an enclosure in SolidWorks that can be 3D printed, and wrote a detailed tutorial on making your own Tiny Tetris. 

Check out the tutorial on the Adafruit Learning System. Links to all the design files and source code are provided in the tutorial.