Tiny Tetris

06/2014 - 09/2014

The Handheld Tetris Game makes playing Tetris a lot of fun: you can listen to the Tetris theme played through the speaker, control the game using built-in accelerometer, and feel the vibrations produced by the vibration motor. However, there are also some inconveniences: its size makes it difficult to carry around, and it uses a special 2S LiPo battery charger to recharge. After finding myself playing the game less and less due to these inconveniences, I decided to make another version that's easy to carry around and USB rechargeable. 

Enter the Tiny Tetris, a lightweight, pocketable, and USB rechargeable Tetris game console. It features a monochrome 16x8 LED display with 16-level adjustable brightness, a 5-way navigation switch, and a laser-cut acrylic enclosure. In addition to playing Tetris, you can also play Snake, or create 16x8 pixel art using the Paint program on this device. It comes in three different colors: red, green, and blue. 

n the video, I show the three programs I wrote for the Tiny Tetris, and talk about both the mechanical and electrical design. Check out the pictures and accompanying descriptions below for more detail. The design files and source code for this project are available here.