Handheld Tetris Game

09/2013 - 02/2014

Ever since I started working on DIY electronics projects, I have been fascinated with all the different LED matrix projects on the internet. After reading through the details on some of these projects, I realized that not only are they fun to work on, but they teach you a great deal about electronics. Being a huge Tetris fan, I decided to make a Tetris game console with an RGB LED matrix display.

After a few breadboard iterations, a Tetris game packed with hardware features was born. It has a beautiful 16x8 RGB LED matrix display, two LED bargraphs that indicate the current level, and a 3D printed enclosure. It plays the Tetris theme while the game is in progress, allows you to control the game using the buttons or the accelerometer, and provides haptic feedback using the vibration motor.

In the video, I show you what this device looks like on the inside, and give a demo showing all the hardware and software features. Check out the pictures below If you're interested in learning more about this project. The design files and source code for this project are available here.

The thumbnail image for this project (and the youtube video) is created in Photomatix Pro using 9 pictures spaced 1 EV apart. The increased dynamic range makes it a better representation of the actual colors of the RGB LED matrix.