03/2013 - 10/2013

The name of this project is a combination of three words: breadboard, Arduino, and piano. Having played piano since the age of five, it's only natural for me to make an electronic piano after discovering the wonderful Arduino prototyping platform. I started working on this project soon after receiving the Arduino Starter Kit, and had since made several iterations, each with a few new features and improvements over the previous one. During the course of this project, I learned how to read multiple digital inputs using a single analog pin, what a shift register is and how to use it, how to build my own Arduino on a breadboard, how to build an audio amplifier circuit, and last but not least, how to solder.


In the video, I play some classic Pokémon Red/Blue music on the Boarduiano v6. Below are pictures showing the seven iterations of this project. The source code for this project is available here.